If  You will get plugin upload failure message like “– The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.  –” , please follow steps


  1.  Login to your cpanel/FTP  , if its cpanel click file manager
  2. Then navigate  to your wordpress site plugin folder  (example : /public_html/your wordpress site folder/wp-content/plugins/ )
  3. Then Upload and extract our ‘wpblazer plugin’ to that folder.
  4. Log into your wordpress site admin account, go to plugin section and activate our wpblazer plugin.
  5. After activation paste the api key from WpBlazer dashboard to get connected. (Api key can be found at your added site ‘Settings’ )

if you don’t want to do manually , contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase upload_max_filesize to 3mb.