Even after enabling ssl, chrome shows unsecure ? this is due to mixed content of your site, your site might have  some http reference ,
so if you want to fix the mixed content issue, just provide wordpress login my guys will look into it

Mixed Content Warnings – Loading Assets Over HTTP

If you have never had HTTPS on your site, you will undoubtedly run into an issue with how your site assets are loaded. By assets I’m referring to things like images, JavaScript, and even your CSS; by default they are often configured to load over HTTP. Insecure assets will not stop the padlock from showing in browsers, but it will add an exclamation point warning to your users that information is being loaded insecurely.


This can happen when the absolute URL path is set, instead of relative paths for images, CSS, or JavaScript files.
Absolute path:
<img src="http://mydomain.com/myimage.png">
Relative path:
<img src="/myimage.png">
Fix :
please install and active plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/ssl-insecure-content-fixer/